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My Will - My Way Package

Life planners offers a comprehensive Will Package containing important information that is our gift to you when you arrange your first pre-need funeral/cremation planning consultation. The package contains the following:willkit

  • About Will Law
  • Writing Your Will
  • Power of Attorney
  • Being an Executor
  • My Will – My Way Booklet
  • The Executors Check List

About Wills

What is a Will?

In a will, you leave instructions on how to distribute all of your property. It is your statement on who and what is important to you. Proper planning also allows you to save on taxes and probate fees, and name guardians for your minor children.

Without A Will

Without a will, your estate will be divided up in accordance with BC’s Estate Administration Act. This may result in not only unintended beneficiaries, but also additional, unnecessary, tax burdens.